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ChUG Podcast #2: Fluorophores - What are they good for?

A number of new fluorophores have been commercialized in recent years from various manufacturers. These new dyes will be shaping the way we design panels for years to come. We asked Product Development Professional Kelly Lundsten to help us make sense of these new tools - how are they developed, what distinguishes them from one another and how will they perform on our instruments within the context of currently used panels?

Kelly Lundsten is a Marketing, Business Development and Product Development professional with 19 years of experience in the Biotechnology industry. She is now operating Luminous Bioanalytical Consulting. She is well-regarded as a subject matter expert in Fluorescence Chemistry, Flow Cytometry and Microscopy technologies, as well as instrumentation platforms and Immunology/ Immuno-oncology research application areas. She is a natural leader with a talent for strategic understanding of complex applications and business implications. You can find her insightful blog and contact information on the Luminous Bioanalytical Consulting website.

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