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ChUG Podcast #19 - In the Service of Cytometry: The ABRF 2024 Session

The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) had its 2024 annual meeting in Minneapolis and I was asked to chair the Service Contract Session. Pro tip: if that happens to you, you need to recruit Julie Auger, Executive Director at the Salk Institute, and she'll find equally great panelists for the session. It was a pleasure to have Brooke Bean Massani, Director of Research Support Services at the University of Arizona, and Roy Martin, Senior Field Marketing Manager for Biological Mass Spectrometry at Waters join the discussion. And for good measure, we had super secret panelist Marjolijn Hameetman, Operational Manager Flow Core Facility bij Leiden University Medical Center, jump in to discuss the very interesting solution that was developed in her institution. My thanks for the ABRF organizing committee for allowing me to be part of this session.

Note: The sound was edited because my mic was clipping a bit too much for my taste. The result is a sound that is clearer, but we loose the echo of the rooms, ambient noise, clapping and what not. It may also have introduced some weirdness that I couldn't get rid of. Editing is not my job...

Find more information about the next ABRF meeting here -

You can also see more 2024 meeting sessions on the ABRF Youtube Channel (including the original recording audio for this session) -

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