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ChUG Podcast #13 - In the Service of Cytometry

We're thrilled to host Tony Leger, Director of Automation Laboratory Technology (ALT), for a discussion on instrument service in the field of Flow Cytometry. If you have frustrations regarding the cost of service contracts, or the difficulty around repairing your own instruments, this discussion should provide some great insights. We're hoping to expand the 'In the Service of Cytoemtry ' series to multiple actors in the field to better understand what is going on, but we wanted to start discussion to begin with the voice of Tony Leger. His care for right to repair and empowering user in fixing their own equipment sets the tone that will lead this series.

We name companies during our conversation, and I think we should clarify a few points. Firstly, ChUG is not supported by any specific manufacturers, and the opinions stated here are based on our experience. Secondly, we aim to identify solutions that can be applied in the field to improve the current situation and improve the overall quality of research.

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