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ChUG #8 - Dealing with autofluorescence in spectral flow cytometry

We host Monica Delay, US Manager for Technical Application Support at Cytek Biosciences, for a discussion on autofluorescence (AF) and the tools to deal with it in Spectral Flow Cytometry. We mean to provide an introduction to this concept, and links to further your understanding. Scroll below to find a list of webinars and publications dealing with AF.


Upcoming Webinar by Diana Bonilla Escobar: August 4, 2021

If you are an owner or user of a Cytek Aurora, you can find additional information in the user forum within the archives of both the April 2021 and January 2021 User Group Meetings:

Recorded Webinar by Alexis Gonzalez “Just Because You Don’t See It Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t There: Improved Assay Resolution with Autofluorescence Extraction”:

(UChicago) Video tutorial for setting up unstained controls in SpectroFlo:

(Cytek) Video tutorial for the SpectroFlo autofluorescence extraction feature:

(Cytek) Video tutorial for the SpectroFlo group specific unstained control feature:


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