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Chicago User Group (ChUG) Cytometry is a scientific educational group based in the Chicago Greater area that connects researchers in the cytometry community and facilitates the exchange of knowledge. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and cutting-edge information on cytometry tools, methodology, and applications in order to empower researchers to generate impactful discoveries.




The ChUG Podcast

ChUG podcast #5 is out. This is a reunion episode of kind! Our guest is Julie Auger, Executive Director of the RCFP at UCDavis, but also the architect of the Office of Shared Research Facilities at the UoC. And the co-founder of ChUG itself!! It a pleasure to host Julie as we discuss the early days of the OSRF, and the model of centralized administration for core facilities.

The ChUG Podcast is available on iTune, Audible and wherever you find your podcasts